Commercial Security

At OnGuard Security Services, we are providing you with a variety of customized commercial security services. Our qualified security guards ensure that they are available 24 hours a day at your workplace or business and provide:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alarm verification
  • Personal safety of employees
  • Nighttime security patrols

Hire a commercial security guard now by calling us.

Employee Termination

The nature of today’s workplaces can be unprecedented, which means you have to take measures for everything. Reducing the force can lead to a range of employee reactions, including hostile advances. OnGuard Security helps you prepare before any high risk terminations to protect your company’s assets and people.

Loss Prevention

We have retail and loss prevention specialists who will make sure that you avoid any further dangers to your company. Our industry experts will assess where theft or any other serious issue is happening and provide their prevention services to make sure your business doesn't face any losses.

Hospital Security

OnGuard Security Services believes that your hospital’s security should be a top priority. We provide cost effective programs that are scalable to meet your facility’s needs. Our reliable security officers and emergency response services are present to meet the unique challenges of keeping a hospital environment secure and protected.

Hotel Security

We know that the comfort of your hotel’s guests and their security is vital for a successful business. This is why OnGuard Solutions works with you to create hotel security programs that are integral to your establishment's environment. Our rigorous security assessments alongside our trained experts are here to give your hotel multi-tier support.

You can call us now to get a trained security guard for your hotel.

Dispensary Security

All drug and pharmaceutical sellers require protection from potential crimes. Thieves and burglars frequently choose dispensaries as their targets, which is why we offer 24 hour protection. Our professional security guards along with a flexible security plan ensures that your dispensary is well protected from any kind of extrinsic threat.

Access Control

Our access control systems are extending the capabilities of traditional security. OnGuard Security Services has trained our professional guards to install the best solutions available. With our setups, you will have:

  • Trusted access for the right people
  • A safe work environment for workers, visitors and contractors
  • User convenience with a better workflow
  • Peace of mind because of the expert support
Construction Site Security

We employ well trained security guards who provide full security services at your construction site. We modify our services to meet your specific requirements, including:

  • Onsite CCTV monitoring to avoid any sudden threats
  • Gate house services in case of visitors
  • Security fencing and signage throughout the day
  • Handling any deliveries
  • Promoting health and safety procedures on the construction site
  • Reducing chances for theft and vandalism
Maritime Security

OnGuard Security is aware that there are continuing security difficulties around high risk water areas. With the rise in pirate activity, crew members, captains and managers are facing difficulties in keeping their guests safe. We provide expert security officers and guards in the state of Louisiana who can offer armed protection in high risk areas.

Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are on the rise, which is why we are offering professional assistance by becoming an extension to your team. We can provide 24/7 security services by:

  • Becoming your risk advisors
  • Delivering cost-effective technology solutions
  • Providing expert consulting services to support your IT teams
  • Detecting and handling any threats
Temp Security Guards

If you need temporary secretary for a few hours or a few weeks, we can provide professional services across the US. We are proud of our reliability and can provide armed or unarmed, uniformed or plainclothes security guards for:

  • Private office parties
  • Big political events
  • High risk employee terminations
  • Special events and concerts
  • Corporate conventions and seminars
  • VIP transportation
  • Coverage for full-time security staff
Event Security

There can be a range of security issues where there are large public gatherings. Professional security personnel need to ensure that the people who attend these events are safe. If you need trained and professional security guards for concerts, parties, trade shows, or corporate meetings, OnGuard Security Services is here for you. Our state-wise offices will deploy the best security guards to your events so everything runs smoothly.

Fire Watch

OnGuard Security’s fire watch services can help you prevent shutdowns and fines related to fire hazards. Our experts will keep you compliant with your state’s rules and regulations regarding fire safety and we will help you come up with customized fire watch patrols. Our services and professionals cater to businesses, residential areas, construction sites and more.


We offer surveillance services for your 24/7 security. We know that people want to feel safe all the time, whether they are at home or in the office. This is why we offer:

  • Private investigators in case of threats
  • CCTV camera installations for your homes
  • Commercial monitoring services for your workplace
  • Background checks of employees and contractors

Trained and professional bodyguards are hired to ensure that there is no immediate threat to our clients. If you are a famous celebrity, politician or public figure, we provide you with executive security services. If you need VIP bodyguards for an event or tour, or personal security for your daily life, we have got you covered.